About Geelong Weather Services

Forecasting – Long and Short Term Weather Prospects

Short Term Forecasts

  • A detailed 4-day weather forecast of the conditions in and around the Geelong region
  • twice weekly for one month
  • sent to you by fax, phone or email
  • at any pre-arranged times – you don’t have to call first

You can also receive weather forecasts, wind and storm warnings, etc, at intervals you require, by arrangement.

Long-range and short-range forecasts can be provided – we can provide anything from a detailed guide to tomorrow’s weather to the statistical likelihood of rain on a particular day in 12 months’ time.


We are available for consultancy on any weather related matters.

We can give you advice on seasonal patterns, the likelihood of drought, even the angle of the sun on a particular date and time.

Lindsay Smail has over 30 years experience in education and meteorology, and now offers this totally professional service with the aim of helping you save money and time.

For more information contact Lindsay Smail at info@geelongweatherservices.com.au


You can benefit greatly from our services, whether you are:

  • an insurance investigator
  • a legal professional
  • a farmer
  • a builder
  • a sports administrator
  • or self-employed

Email Lindsay Smail at info@geelongweatherservices.com.au for details.

Special Weather Reports

Past and present weather and climatic conditions are available for the Geelong region – no other agency looks after Geelong so well.

We can prepare a report for your needs, for example, a severe weather contingency plan for your venue.

We are the only agency which can supply detailed weather information for the whole Geelong urban area and region. Even the Bureau of Meteorology does not have such an intensive network of daily weather sources for Geelong.

We will provide information in any form you require: text, tables, maps and graphs.

Lindsay Smail, Director

Geelong Weather Services Director, Lindsay Smail

Geelong Weather Services Director, Lindsay Smail

Worked for 30 years as a secondary, TAFE and tertiary level teacher, in government and private institutions, teaching, among other subjects: geography, climate, meteorology and other earth sciences. He has successfully run Geelong Weather Services (a private weather consultancy) since 1997, providing operational and forensic meteorology reports, forecasts, records, weather contingency plans and educational materials for a variety of customers from government institutions to legal firms, water supply companies, film producers, recreation venues, insurance companies and private clients.

Lindsay has a thorough understanding of meteorological processes, instruments and requirements necessary for accurate data keeping as well as computerisation of records on spread sheets and other applications.

He has written numerous articles on weather-related subjects published in “Australian Farm Journal”, “Outdoor Australia”, “Agribusiness Chain” and smaller magazines and newspapers. Regular column writer for “Geelong Independent” and weather consultant to “Geelong Advertiser.” Lindsay Smail is also the author of “Weather Wonders of Geelong”, a study of extreme and severe weather in the Geelong region. This is now in a second edition (2014). He has also published the “Geelong Weather Book” (2014) which gives all the averages, extremes and records for Geelong’s weather since official records began.