August 2008


August’s rainfall across the region generally ranged between 85-110% of the long term average. The urban area received around 40 mm compared to the long-term average 43.5 mm.

The Otway catchments received almost average rain and the capacity has marginally risen to 31%, from 26% at the start of the month. Despite the higher rainfalls in July, winter as a whole has resulted in below average falls around the district.


It was a colder than normal August, with temperatures almost a full degree below the long-term average. The warmest day was the 29th, with 17.2 degrees C and the coldest day was the 21st with 11.0 degrees maximum. There were 3 frosts and the lowest overnight minimum was 0.1 degrees C on the 8th. Due to the monthly fluctuations (warmer June, colder July and August), the overall winter temperature was 0.3 degree below the long-term mean.


There were 5 very windy days in August, with the strongest gust of 83 kph at Mt Duneed on the 1st. Hail was recorded at Little River on the 7th and in Geelong on the 22nd, but no thunder days, and a waterspout was photographed at 13th Beach on the 7th.Geelong