Geelong Weather Book 1871-2014

STATS-Book-mockup-500x500pxGeelong’s weather and climate facts shown in full colour graphs, charts and diagrams.  This is a complete record of all Geelong’s maximum and minimum temperatures since 1903 and rainfall since 1871.

Extremes and records for all the hottest, coldest, wettest days, months, seasons and years, as well as heat waves, cold spells, long-term and 30-year averages for each month.

An excellent reference for all libraries, students, teachers, researchers, community and council authorities, journalists, parents as well as general readers.  Spiral bound for convenience, A4 size, it’s the perfect complement to Weather Wonders of Geelong.

Price $20 plus $5 p&p by registered mail.  If you are a local and would like to save on postage, please either select the ‘pickup in person’ option below and send me an email (scroll down), OR  just send me an email and we will work out the arrangements.

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