July 2011


A diverse rainfall pattern was the picture for July around Geelong. The Geelong urban area average for July is 49 mm. Many stations across the suburbs(eg, Bell Post Hill 47, Grovedale South 56, Drumcondra 50, to name just a few) were hovering around that long-term average. The new Breakwater Racecourse AWS however,has proven to be not representative of the whole urban area since it and the other two daily reporting BoM stations at Moolap, just 3 kilometres away, only reported 36 mm. BoM figures from these stations, purporting to be for Geelong, will need to be used carefully in that light. The GWS station at East Geelong also only recorded 37.5,and, quite pointedly, the GWS site closest to the Airport (1 km) recorded 67 mm in July.

In contrast, the northern areas from Lara to parts of the Brisbane Ranges, were well down in totals – the Lara district had between 19 and 26 mm – whereas the Otways including the water catchment areas received well above average. West Barwon Dam received 198 mm (around 140% of the normal July total), creating an 86% full system, the best month since January, 2002, nearly ten years ago.


Once again I have to report that, in spite of my requests, the Bureau has not yet released data for June or July for the Airport AWS, due for demolition withina few weeks. These data are crucial for being able to compare the new Racecourse site with the old one, and are being witheld for some reason. I believe this is unacceptable, yet despite several polite requests, my concerns have been ignored by the person responsible. The point is that the new site is very clearly an urban site, with expected higher temperatures, especially overnight. The old site was more rural andtherefore more likely to be cooler. To compare our monthly temperature trends we need to compare apples with apples. Having said that, it was interesting to note that in July the average daily maximum at the new Racecourse site was actually the same as the long-term average for the Airport. When the full figures are made available more conclusions may be drawn.

Highest daily temperature was 20.3ºC on the 31st, and the coldest day reached 10.5ºC on the 23rd. Coldest overnight was -0.6ºC on the 16th, and warmest overnight 10.6C on the 3rd. Average minimum for the month was 6.6ºC and average maximum was 14.0ºC. Long-term average Geelong Airport figures are 5.5ºC and 14.0ºC respectively.


It was a fairly settled month. There were no storms and no thunder days. There were only four days of very strong winds, with a maximum gust of 72 kph on the 5th.

There was one frost on the 16th.


Location Total for
Aireys Inlet 97.2 75.7
Anakie na 49.0
Anakie West 40.3 na
Anglesea na 64.0
Apollo Bay 132.8 116.8
Bacchus Marsh 24.3 34.3
Ballan 62.0 47.3
Ballarat 49.6 68.0
Bannockburn 43.2 43.0
Barwon Heads Golf 60.2 59.0
Bellbrae na 63.7
Bells Beach na 63.7
Beeac 53.8 63.2
Benwerrin 115.6 na
Birregurra 97.6 71.4
Boonah na na
Cape Otway 96.8 105.8
Colac (Mt Gellibrand) 66.4 na
Clifton Springs 46.0 54.0
Cressy 48.6 78.0
Curlewis na 49.0
Dereel 75.0 52.0
Durdidwarrah 43.2 54.4
Forrest 72.2 120.0
Forrest (West Barwon) 198.2 139.0
Gellibrand na 106.2
Inverleigh na 52.8
Johanna Heights 165.0 na
Lake Colac na 52.8
Lal Lal 43.0 70.0
Lavers Hill 249.0 na
Laverton 23.0 42.0
Melba Gully na n.a.
Melbourne (City) 37.2 49.0
Meredith (Darra) 45.6 55.4
Moriac 71.8 57.0
Morrisons 41.0 57.0
Mt Cowley 198.0 na
Mt Mercer 46.0 na
Mt Sabine 283.4 na
Ocean Grove na 59.0
Point Lonsdale na 56.0
Pollocksford 56.2 56.0
Portarlington na 55.1
Queenscliff na 56.6
Scotsburn 49.6 56.6
Shelford na 45.0
Sheoaks 29.0 45.0
Skipton 45.2 n.a.
St Leonards na 55.0
Teesdale na 42.7
Torquay 83.0 59.0
Warncoort na 65.0
Weeaproinah 296.2 227.7
Winchelsea 72.8 50.2
You Yangs na 36.8
Location Total for
Avalon 25.0 45.2
Bell Park 46.3 47.2
Belmont 43.9 47.5
Breakwater Racecourse 36.8 46.0
City na 43.0
Connewarre 48.9 41.4
Corio 31.3 40.0
Drumcondra 49.6 51.0
East Geelong 37.5 46.0
Grovedale 48.0 49.2
Grovedale South 56.0 47.5
Hamlyn Heights 35.6 47.5
Herne Hill 37.0 46.0
Highton 42.0 49.2
Lara North 22.0 38.6
Lara South 19.0 38.6
Lara (Serendip) 26.8 38.6
Leopold 50.0 47.4
Leopold East 54.0 47.4
Manifold Heights 50.0 48.6
Moolap 35.6 43.0
Mt Duneed West 67.1 51.0
Waurn Ponds 48.4 43.0
Whittington na 49.5
Urban Area Average 45.0 49.5


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