October 2006


October was Geelong’s driest month since March, adding just 11 mm to the annual total. In what ought to be our wettest month, most areas within the district only registered between 10 to 30% of normal rainfall. It was Geelong’s driest October since 1967.

In some suburbs, notably Hamlyn Heights, the 6 mm received was equal to Geelong’s lowest ever October rainfall, recorded in 1967 and 1900.

Geelong’s rain for the year now totals just 263 mm, which is less than half of the annual average (540 mm). By this time normally we should expect around 450 mm. Clearly this drought has hit hard and is not likely to break satisfactorily until after the summer, perhaps around March-April, although there may be some good falls in the meantime.

Water supplies are now down to the concerning level of 27.5% of capacity.


October was a very strange month, temperature-wise. Although the overall mean temperature ended just around half a degree below average (13.3C compared to 13.7C) there were several notable features.

Our hottest-ever October day was recorded on the 12th; this 37.1C passsed the previous record by more than 2 degrees (35.0C set in 1977). Our coldest morning (1.2C on 10th) only failed by 0.1 degree to beat the lowest 1.1C set in 1970. There were 4 days over 30C and the October average is only one, and there were 3 days with minimums of less than 2 degrees, with the “normal” October only expected to provide three such days in every ten years.

So, while daily minimums were almost three degrees below normal, maximums were nearly two degrees above normal.

It should be pointed out that this situation is not unexpected in a drought year. Hot days are often a function of little cloud cover, which also causes less rain and colder overnight minimums.


There were three frosts, on the 10th, 16th and 22nd, and eight very windy days with gusts over 60 kph, and an estimated maximum gust of over 120 kph at Corio on the 17th, brought about by a dry microburst associated with a cold front. This storm damaged house roofs and other property in several streets near Purnell Road.

The Corio storm on the 17th was our only severe severe storm for the month, but there were no thunder days.



Location Total for
Aireys Inlet 17.6 61.5
Anakie 9.5 66.0
Anglesea na 65.0
Apollo Bay 43.8 99.0
Ballan na 58.0
Ballarat 5.0 69.6
Bannockburn 6.8 53.0
Barwon Heads 7.0 60.0
Bellbrae 11.9 69.3
Bells Beach 15.0 69.6
Beeac 4.4 60.7
Birregurra 15.8 64.8
Boonah 24.2 n.a.
Cape Otway 24.6 81.5
Clifton Springs (1) 7.6 48.0
Clifton Springs (2) 9.0 48.0
Colac 9.0 73.6
Cressy 10.4 n.a.
Curlewis na 48.0
Drysdale na 48.0
Durdidwarrah 5.6 n.a.
Forrest 21.0 112.0
Forrest (West Barwon) 32.0 112.0
Inverleigh 9.0 54.6
Lake Colac na n.a.
Lal Lal na n.a.
Lavers Hill 54.0 146.5
Laverton 5.2 61.0
Melba Gully na 170.0
Melbourne (City) 7.6 68.0
Meredith (Darra) 9.0 70.4
Moriac na n.a.
Morrisons 12.2 n.a.
Mt Buninyong na n.a.
Mt Cowley na n.a.
Mt Mercer na n.a.
Mt Sabine na n.a.
Point Lonsdale 6.5 52.0
Pollocksford 8.8 n.a.
Portarlington na 57.9
Queenscliff na 57.9
Shelford na 55.0
Sheoaks 6.2 n.a.
Skipton 6.2 n.a.
St Leonards 11.8 58.0
Teesdale na 49.8
Torquay 10.0 61.0
Warncoort na n.a.
Weeaproinah 82.8 174.2
Winchelsea 9.0 51.1
You Yangs 6.0 46.5

Location Total for
Avalon 7.2 40.9
Bell Park 6.0 55.9
Belmont 9.4 57.0
Connewarre 8.4 57.5
Corio 11.4 54.0
Grovedale South 11.5 56.3
Hamlyn Heights (1) 6.0 70.6
Hamlyn Heights (2) 6.0 70.6
Highton na 56.1
Lara 7.4 46.0
Lara (Serendip) na 46.0
Leopold 6.5 64.0
Mt Duneed Airport 11.2 52.3
Mt Duneed West 12.8 52.3
Whittington 9.0 53.5
Urban Geelong Average 9.0 58.0