October 2010


Well above average rainfall across the entire region characterised Geelong’s October. Even the poor excuse for a rain gauge at Geelong Airport managed to record 88 mm, but most other places across the urban area reported well above 100 mm. The October average is 49.7 mm. It was our wettest October since 2000, when 142 mm fell. Urban Geelong has now had over 520 mm already for the year – our annual average reached already.

The western Otways also received massive downpours in the final 24 hours of the recording period, and Lavers Hill with 91 mm was the clear winner. Closer to the catchment however the West Barwon Dam at Forrest did not fare as well, with only 82 mm for the month. Despite that the overall capacity has risen to over 70% once again with a good outlook for the rest of the year and into summer. The Moorabool catchment also performed well with Sheoaks recording 117 mm.

Rain in Geelong fell on 14 days and in the wettest 24 hours over 30 mm was recorded in some suburbs on the 31st, due to widespread rains across Victoria with a low pressure trough extending from the north. 16.6 mm was also recorded on the 15th and 13.8 mm on the 5th. On the 12th-13th, Moolap recorded 23 mm, the City 23 mm and Barwon Heads 25 mm from a severe storm which missed the rest of Geelong.

Similar rainfall conditions are expected by most forecasters to remain into early 2011 with a continuation of La Nina and a warmer Indian Ocean.


Geelong was fractionally cooler in October than the Geelong Airport 19-year average. Daily minimums averaged 7.4 degrees C compared to the mean 7.6C and maximums averaged 18.6 C, equal with the average. This means the raw, unhomogenised figures are showing it has been cooler than the average every month since June, after a warmer start to the year. Higher rainfall totals are undoubtedly linked to this trend.

On the warmest day (29th) the temperature reached 28.0 degrees but on the 15th the top was only 11.6C. Coldest overnight temperature was 2.5C on the 2nd.


As well as the widespread rains of the 30th-31st, there were two severe storm days on the 6th and 12th. Thunder, lightning, flash flooding causing minor damage and strong wind gusts (70kph) occurred on the 6th, and similar conditions, with hail at Newtown, was reported on the 12th.

There were 3 days of strong wind gusts and two thunder days.



Location Total for
Aireys Inlet 117.2 61.5
Anakie 118.0 66.0
Anglesea na 65.0
Apollo Bay 153.6 99.0
Ballan 109.0 58.0
Ballarat 92.8 69.6
Bannockburn 110.2 53.0
Barwon Heads 93.7 60.0
Bellbrae na 69.3
Bells Beach na 69.6
Beeac 84.7 60.7
Birregurra 79.6 64.8
Boonah 136.8 n.a.
Cape Otway 85.4 81.5
Clifton Springs 105.8 48.0
Colac 99.2 73.6
Cressy 104.0 n.a.
Curlewis 109.3 48.0
Drysdale na 48.0
Durdidwarrah 93.8 n.a.
Forrest na 112.0
Forrest (West Barwon) 82.0 112.0
Inverleigh 111.2 54.6
Johanna Heights na 146.5
Lake Colac na n.a.
Lal Lal 88.6 n.a.
Lavers Hill na 146.5
Laverton 115.8 61.0
Melba Gully na 170.0
Melbourne (City) 135.2 68.0
Meredith (Darra) 112.4 70.4
Moriac 115.8 n.a.
Morrisons na n.a.
Mt Buninyong 76.8 n.a.
Mt Cowley 76.2 n.a.
Mt Mercer 143.6 n.a.
Mt Sabine 113.0 n.a.
Ocean Grove na n.a.
Point Lonsdale 116.7 52.0
Pollocksford na n.a.
Portarlington na 57.9
Queenscliff na 57.9
Shelford na 55.0
Sheoaks 116.8 n.a.
Skipton 111.2 n.a.
St Leonards na 58.0
Teesdale na 49.8
Torquay 122.5 61.0
Warncoort na n.a.
Weeaproinah 176.8 174.2
Winchelsea 94.4 51.1
You Yangs 105.0 46.5

Location Total for
Avalon 101.0 40.9
Bell Park 130.2 55.9
Belmont 120.7 57.0
City 115.0 50.0
Connewarre na 57.5
Corio 107.9 54.0
East Geelong 118.9 50.0
Grovedale 115.0 52.8
Grovedale South 106.8 56.3
Hamlyn Heights (1) na 50.6
Hamlyn Heights (2) 114.6 50.6
Highton na 56.1
Lara 91.5 46.0
Lara (Serendip) 101.8 46.0
Leopold 126.5 64.0
Leopold East na 64.0
Manifold Heights 110.9 57.0
Moolap 117.6 57.0
Mt Duneed Airport 87.8 49.7
Mt Duneed West 98.0 49.7
Waurn Ponds 102.2 50.0
Whittington na 53.5
Urban Geelong Average 110.0 50.0