Summary of 1998 Weather

( Figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed )

Weather Conditions Temps
(deg C)
Cumulative Rainfall Comments
6 days were over 30 deg. A minor heatwave from 9th-14th recorded av. max. of 30 deg. Top temp. was 42 deg. on the 17th. Av. max. 25.4.
Jan. av. max. 25.5.
Mt Duneed 34.6.
Urban area 41 mm. 9 days.
Jan. av. 44 mm.
Mt Duneed 34.6 mm
Urban 41 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 44 mm.
5 thunderstorms.
1 severe storm on 14th in Eastern suburbs: 46 mm including hail in 30 mins at Whittington.
6 days were over 30 deg. Between the 24th and 26ththe av. max was 36 deg. Top temp. 41 deg. on 26th. Av. max. 25.7.
Feb. av. max. 26.4.
Mt Duneed 58.4.
Urban area 43 mm. 3 days.
Feb. av. 37 mm.
Mt Duneed 93.0 mm
Urban 84 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 81 mm.
3 thunderstorms on 2 days. 1 severe storm, 2 people struck by lightning at Jan Juc – lived. Red rain fell on the 26th.
5 days were over 30 deg. New record for 2nd half of March – 39.6 deg. (was 38.8).  Top 41 deg. on the 12th. Av. max. 24.1.
Mar. av. max. 23.6.
Mt Duneed 3.0 mm.
Urban area 6 mm. 6 days.
Mar. av. 37 mm.
Mt Duneed 96.0 mm
Urban 90 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 118 mm.
Fogs, mists, drizzle on 3 days.
West Barwon Dam only 7% full.
31 deg. on the 7th. Good rains: the “autumn break” on 12th, 19th and 25th. Av. max. 18.4.
Apr. av. max. 20.3.
Mt Duneed
53.8 mm.
Urban area 56 mm. 9 days.
Apr. av. 38 mm.
Mt Duneed 143.8 mm. Urban 146 mm
Av. Geelong cumulative total 156 mm.
Fogs and dew on several days. SOI at – 22. West Barwon Dam still very low. GWS predicts a 65% chance that May-July rainfall will be above average.
Useful rain only fell on 1 day: 21 mm fell on the 19th. Av. max. 16.5.
May av.
max. 17.2.
Mt Duneed
26.4 mm.
Urban area 24.5 mm. 6 days. May av. 47.2 mm
Mt Duneed 170.2 mm. Urban 170.5 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 203.2 mm.
SOI has risen to – 2.
West Barwon Dam still very low.
Good rainfalls of over 3 mm on 6 days. 21 mm fell on the 21st. On 6 days the min. temp was 2 deg. or below.  Lowest was – 1 deg on 19th and 27th. Top 21 deg. on 5th Av. min. 5.6 deg.
June av.
min. 5.9.
Mt Duneed
74.2 mm.
Urban area 65.6 mm. 17 days. June av. 43.3 mm
Mt Duneed 244.4 mm. Urban 236.1 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 246.5 mm.
SOI has risen to + 6. Good rainfall prospects for winter-spring. West Barwon Dam at 10% capacity as Wurdi Boluc is still filling.
Cooler month than average. 7 days of 2 deg. or below.  But this is the earth’s warmest month on record. Av. min. 3.9 deg.
July av.
min. 5.1.
Mt Duneed 40.7 mm. Urban area 40.7 mm. 14 days. July av. 41.9 Mt Duneed 285.1 mm. Urban 276.8 mm. Av. Geelong cumulative total 288.4. SOI still rising. But soil moisture levels still very low. May-July period has yielded 144 mm rainfall: c.f. average of 133 mm.
Cooler than average. Lowest temp. of 1 deg. recorded on 6th and 28th. Drier month than expected.
Lara received only 11 mm.
Av. min. 6.0 deg.
Aug. av. min. 5.7.
Mt Duneed 25.6 mm.
Urban area
22 mm. 14 days. Aug. av. 47.3 mm
Mt Duneed 310.7 mm. Urban 298.8 mm. Av. Geelong cumulative total 335.7. 2 thick fogs on the 19th and 20th.  Strong winds on 22nd: 87 kph gust at Leopold.
GWS predicts 60-80% chance of good rains between Sept and Nov.
Warmer than average. Below average rains – disappointing start to spring. Driest September since 1994. Av. max. 17.6 deg.
Sept. av.
max. 16.7.
Mt Duneed 33.0 mm.
Urban area
39.7 mm. 13 days. Sept av. 53.2 mm
Mt Duneed 343.7 mm. Urban 338.5 mm. Av. Geelong cumulative total 388.9. West Barwon Dam 12% full.
Sun halo visible on 25th between 11.30 am. and 2.30 pm.
Colder than average by 1.3 deg. Good rains from Otways through most of the region. Av. max. 17.8 deg. Oct. av. max. 19.0. Mt Duneed 51.6 mm. Urban area 65 mm.
Oct. av. 63.4 mm.
Mt Duneed 395.3 mm. Urban 403.5 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 452.3.
At least 3 thunderstorms. 1 severe storm at Anglesea-Aireys Inlet on 23rd: hail to 2.5 cm. Hail on 17th and 23rd. Strong winds on 13th at Leopold. Funnel clouds seen on 10th and 11th.
Colder than average by 1.5 deg. 1 day over 30 deg. Third coldest Nov. day on record (13 deg on 3th). Spring rains above average. Av. max. 19.6 deg. Nov. av. max. 21.2. Mt Duneed 59.8 mm. Urban area 65 mm.
Nov. av. 51.9 mm.
Mt Duneed 455.1 mm. Urban 468.5 mm.
Av. Geelong cumulative total 504.2.
West Barwon Dam is now over 40% full. No thunderstorms; some “thundery showers” in northern suburbs on 14th. Minor flooding occurred at Breakwater after 4 days of rain. (50 mm)
A month of extremes: near record max. 41.6 deg on 11th, near record lowest max. 16 on 13th. 6 days above 30 degrees. Av. max. 23.2 deg.
Dec. av. max. 23.7.
Mt Duneed 34.2 mm.
Urban area 40 mm.
Dec. av. 47.9 mm.
Mt Duneed 489.3 mm. Urban area 508.5 mm.
Average Geelong annual cumulative total 552.1.
5 firefighters killed at Linton when wind changed on the 2nd.
Thunderstorms on 26th, some damage and lightning strikes but not severe.

Hottest Days: 42 deg on 17th Jan & 11th Dec
Coldest Day: max 9 deg on 9th & 29th July;
Coldest Night: minus 1 deg. on 19th and 27th June;
Wettest Day: Jan 14th – 46 mm fell in Whittington;
Wettest month: June – 66 mm;
Driest month: March – 6 mm;
No of Days above 30 deg: 24.
Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 10

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