Summary of 1999 Weather

( Figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed )

Weather Conditions Temps
(deg C)
Cumulative Rainfall Comments
3 days over 30 degrees. Top temp 36 on 15th. Record low January maximum (15.6) on 7th. Av. max. was 24.3. January average max. is 25.7. Mt Duneed 27.6. Urban area averaged 32.
January average is 44 mm.
Mt Duneed 27.6 mm. Urban area 32 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 44 mm.
5 thunder days. Severe storms at Leopold & Portarlington on 29th: Leopold had 25 mm in 1 hour, Portarlington had 41 mm. Flash flooding; minor damage.
9 days over 30 degrees, including 6 consecutive days on 1st to 6th. Top temperature was 37 on the 4th. Very high Relative Humidities. Av. max. was 26.5.
February average max. is 25.1.
Mt Duneed 38.0.  Urban area averaged 45.  February average is 37.6. Mt Duneed 65.6 mm. Urban area 77 mm. Average Geelong cumulative total is 81.6 mm. 1 thunder day (12th). On this day 44 mm fell at Leopold, including 24 mm in 14 minutes. Some flash flooding and damage across urban area.
1 day over 30 degrees (Top 32 on 9th). Record low March max. (15.2) on 28th. Ex – TC Vance created strong wind and temp surge on 25th. Av. max. was 22.4. March average max. is 22.5. Mt Duneed 57.6.
Urban area averaged 70.
March average is 34.6.
Mt Duneed 123.2 mm.
Urban area 147 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 116.2 mm.
Severe thunderstorms on 2nd: Corio 53 mm, urban average 35 mm in one hour (12.30 – 1.30 pm). Meso-cyclone seen over Corio, also funnel cloud over Ceres.
Dry and cool. Record low April minimums  (1.4 & 1.7°C) on 23rd and 24th. Average min temp was 8.3, compared with 10.2 normally. Av. max. was 18.8. April average max. is 20.2. Mt Duneed 10.4
Urban area averaged 17.
April average is 39.2.
Mt Duneed 133.4 mm.
Urban area 164 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 155.4 mm.
Storms hit Norlane-Corio, Inverleigh and Teesdale on 5th. 30 mm fell at Corio. Rest of Geelong very dry. Forrest (West Barwon Dam) has only recorded 60% normal rain.
Slightly warmer month. Good rains due to heavy falls on last two days. New record low May minimum (0.1° on 17th). Av. max. was 17.9. May average max. is 17.0. Mt Duneed 45.4
Urban area averaged 55.
May average is 47.2.
Mt Duneed 178.8 mm.
Urban area 219 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 202.6 mm.
Three thunder days reported. Below average rain continues at West Barwon Dam.
Warmer than normal. On four days the temperature dropped to 2° C or less, but no days below zero. Coldest day for the year: 9.4 degrees. Av. max. was 14.8. June average max. is 14.6. Mt Duneed 41.4
Urban area averaged 40.
June average is 43.3.
Mt Duneed 220.2 mm.
Urban area 259 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 245.9 mm.
Local rainfall varied from 22 mm at Lara to 46 mm at St Albans Park. 13 cloudy days instead of the average 16.
Warmer than normal. Low temperature of minus 2.3 recorded on 26th. (Lowest for five years). No new records created. Av. max. was 15.0. July average max. is 13.1. Mt Duneed 19.0
Urban area averaged 23.
July average is 41.9.
Mt Duneed 239.2.
Urban area 282 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 287.8 mm.
Very poor rainfalls totalling around half the July average, from the Otways to Geelong. Sun haloes and several fogs recorded.
Fractionally warmer than normal. 25° C recorded on 31st: (This is 10° above average.) Av. max. was 15.46. August average max. is 14.4. Mt Duneed 57.8
Urban area averaged 70.
August average is 47.3.
Mt Duneed 297.0
Urban area 352 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 335.1 mm.
Winter rainfall just below normal but Otways well down.  One thunder day on 26th – some heavy downpours. 85% of rain fell in 3 days; 13th, 25th and 26th.
One degree warmer than normal. Second warmest September night on record (16.6°C on 29th). Av. max. was 17.9. September average max. is 15.4. Mt Duneed 36.4.
Urban area averaged 30.
September average is 53.2.
Mt Duneed 333.4
Urban area 382 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 388.3 mm.
One thunder day: small hail at Corio & Leopold on 9th). Forrest rain only 48 mm (av. 128 mm). West Barwon reservoir about 10% capacity.
Slightly warmer than normal. Disappointing rainfall so far for spring. Av. max. was 19.3.
October average max. is 18.8.
Mt Duneed 40.8.
Urban area averaged 45.
October average is 63.4.
Mt Duneed 369.8
Urban area 427 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 451.7 mm.
Four thunder days but little rain. Very dry conditions continue at West Barwon. (Rainfall 69% of normal). Model output suggests 55% chance of median rainfall in next 3 months.
Cooler and drier than normal. Several nights down to 4 and 5 degrees. One day over 30 degrees: warmest day 34 degrees on 30th. Av. max. was 20.7. November average max. is 20.6. Mt Duneed 32.4.
Urban area averaged 32.
November average is 51.9.
Mt Duneed 402.2
Urban area 459 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 503.6 mm.
Wetter than normal in Otways and Bellarine Peninsula but below average in Geelong and to the northwest. One th’storm on Bell. Pen. from Leopold to Q’cliff. (21st).
Four days over 30 degrees. Hottest day for the year (38°C) on 2nd. Av. max. was 23.2. December average max. is 21.9. Mt Duneed 56.4.
Urban area averaged 65.
December average is 44.9.
Mt Duneed 458.6
Urban area 524 mm.
Average Geelong cumulative total is 548.5 mm.
Stage 2 water restrictions. Two thunder days. Heavy rain on 26th to 28th, including severe storms and flash flooding at Lara. 84 mm fell in 3 hours on the 27th at Lara.

Warmer year than normal: Average temperature up by 0.7 degree above normal;
Hottest Day: 38°C on 2nd Dec;
Coldest Day: 9.4 degrees on 13th June;
Coldest Night: -2.3°C on 26th July;
Wettest Day: Over 100 mm at Lara on 27th Dec;
Wettest Month: March and August averaged 70 mm in the urban area (Lara 138 mm in December).
Driest Month: April, 10.4 mm.
No of Days above 30 deg: 18 (Average 24.5);
Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 20;
New Records created: 4.

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