Summary of 2001 Weather

( Figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed )

Weather Conditions Temps
(deg C)
Cumulative Rainfall Comments
Warmest January since 1981. 9 days over 30 deg including 5 over 35. Top 40.4 deg on 11th. 14 cloudy days. Average max 26.7 Jan av max. is 25.2. Average min 15.1. Average is 13.6. Mt Duneed 12.9
Urban area averaged 16 mm.
January normal is 34.3 mm.
Mt Duneed 12.9 mm.
Urban area 16 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (1 month) is 34.3 mm.
Smoke haze from King Island fires covered city on 11th & 12th. 6 rain days and 4 thunder days but no severe storms. Heaviest rain (10.8 mm) recorded on 25th.
Very warm and dry February (third hottest) with 2.1 degrees above average. 11 days over 30, including 7 over 35. Top temp 40.5 degrees on 3rd. Average max.28.2.
Feb average max. is 25.5. Average min 15.4. Average is 14 deg.
Mt Duneed 20.4 . Urban area averaged 16 mm. February normal is 37.6. Mt Duneed 33.3 mm. Urban area 32 mm.  Normal Geelong cumulative total (2 months) is 71.9 mm. 2 thunder days but no storms except at Winchelsea on 4th. 6 rain days. Water supplies now at 56% of capacity.
Slightly cooler:
3 days over 30 deg. Top temp 34.4 degrees on 9th.
Average max 23.2
March average max. is 23.5. Average min 11.9.
Average is 12.8.
Mt Duneed 100.2.
Urban area averaged 94 mm.
March normal is 34.6.
Mt Duneed 133.5 mm.
Urban area 126 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (3 months) is 116.2 mm.
1 thunder day. Severe windstorm on evening of 16th: 130 kph at Lovely Banks, damage at Clifton Springs. Between 9am on the 21st & 23rd Geelong recorded 80 mm.
New rainfall records set (see below). Mt Sabine recorded 478 mm in 4-day downpour. Flood damage around Barwon and Lara-Little River. Average max 20.0
April average max. is 20.3. Average min 9.4.
Average is 10.2.
Mt Duneed 181.8.
Urban area averaged 170 mm.
April normal is 39.2.
Mt Duneed 315.3 mm.
Urban area 296 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (4 months) is 155.4 mm.
1 thunder day. Severe windstorm and damage on 11th: (Newtown & Bellarine Pen) 105 kph at Pt Lonsdale. Moderate flooding after record-breaking rains 21st-24th.
Slightly cooler (by 0.7 deg). Top temp 20.9 on 4th, min 4.1 on 11th and 23rd. Coldest day 12.5 on 17th. Average max 16.3 May average max is 17.2.
Average min 7.6.
Average is 8.1.
Mt Duneed 15.6.
Urban area averaged 16 mm.
May normal is 47.2.
Mt Duneed 330.9mm.
Urban area 312mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (5 months) is 202.6 mm.
No storms. Unremarkable month overall. Water levels 61%. Waterspouts at Lorne photographed on 6th. No damage. GWS predicts relatively dry winter.
Warmer than normal by 1.2 deg. Top temp 18.8 on 4th and 5th. Lowest 0.9 on 19th. Warmest overnight was 13.9 deg on 8th. Average max 15.3
June average max is 14.3.
Average min 7.3.
Average is 5.9.
Mt Duneed 55.4.
Urban area averaged 55 mm.
June normal is 43.3.
Mt Duneed 386.3mm.
Urban area 367mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (6 months) is 245.9 mm.
Urban area above average, but catchments and most rural areas well down. Water restrictions removed as levels at 64% of capacity. High tracks normal.
Warmer than normal by 0.8 deg. Coldest overnight 1.8 on 5th. Two thunder days; four foggy days, incl one smog alert on 25th. Average max 14.1 July average max is 13.9.
Average min 6.5.
Average is 5.1.
Mt Duneed 18.2 .
Urban area averaged 16.
July normal is 41.9.
Mt Duneed 404.5 mm.
Urban area 383 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (7 months) is 287.8 mm.
High Pressure system tracks across Aust have become erratic and abnormally southerly, leading to much fine weather. Catchment systems now at 70% of capacity.
Warmer nights made month warmer. Lowest 1.8 on 24th. Highest 21.2 on 14th. 2 days light hail, no storms. Series of cold fronts in 3rd week. Average max 15.1 Aug average max is 15.1.
Average min 6.9
Average is 5.7.
Mt Duneed 79.6.
Urban area averaged 70.
August normal is 47.3.
Mt Duneed 484.1 mm.
Urban area 453 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (8 months) is 335.1 mm.
Heavy rains in third week; Break-water closed due to minor flooding for part of 3 days. Some strong wind days. Water catchments over 80% at end of month.
Warmer than normal; warmest Sept since 1993, with 30th at 27.3°: warmest Sept day since 1987. Highest average daily max since 1988 (18.5°). Average max 18.2
Sept average max is 16.7.
Average min 7.4
Average is 6.8
Mt Duneed 36.4.
Urban area averaged 30.
September normal is 53.2.
Mt Duneed 520.5 mm.
Urban area 483 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (9 months) is 388.3 mm.
2 thunder days, some lightning & hail and wind gusts up to 122 kph at Leopold. Drier month with 11 rain days. Water catchments over 85%. GWS predicts good rains for Oct.
Cooler than normal by about 0.5 deg. Coolest morning 1.9 on 21st. Warmest day 27.8 on 22nd. 2 severe storm days: 3rd (Tornado), 6th (Wind > 90 kph) Average max 18.1
Oct average max is 19.0.
Average min 8.4
Average is 8.4.
Mt Duneed 78.2.
Urban area averaged 65.
October normal is 62.0.
Mt Duneed 598.7 mm.
Urban area 548 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (10 months) is 451.7 mm.
3 thunder days, three other days with small hail.  Tornado at Leopold on the 3rd. Strong winds on 5 days.
24-30 rain days across urban area.
Water catchments over 91%.
2 deg colder than normal. Coldest November since 1960.  22 days below 20 deg. Top temp 28.9 on 4th. Lowest min 3.7 on 11th. Average max 18.6 Nov average max is 21.2.
Average min 9.0
Average is 10.2.
Mt Duneed 72.4 .
Urban area averaged 62.
November normal is 51.9.
Mt Duneed 671.1mm.
Urban area 610 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (11 months) is 503.6 mm.
1 thunder day and two storms with hail (11th) and tornado at Aspendale (13th). Storms at Leopold (11th) and Waurn Ponds (24th) dumped 10-15 mm. Water catchments now 100%.
4 degrees cooler than normal. Coldest December since before 1957. 20 days below 20 deg. Top temp (35 deg) on 28th. Lowest min on 1st (5.1). Average max 19.5
Dec average max is 24.0.
Average min 9.5
Average is 12.0.
Mt Duneed 43.
Urban area averaged 37 mm.
December normal is 44.9.
Mt Duneed 714.1mm
Urban area 647 mm.
Normal Geelong cumulative total (12 months) is 548.5 mm.
2 thunder days and one with hail. Strong winds (80 kph at Pt Wilson) on 25th. Water catchments 96%. SOI dropping rapidly: possible El Nino in 2002.

New records set:
1) Wettest April (182 mm)
2) Wettest 24-hr in April (72 mm)
3) Wettest 4 days in history (170 mm)
4) Coldest November since 1960 (2 deg below normal)
5) Coldest December since before 1957 (4 deg below normal)
Slightly cooler year than normal: Average monthly temperature 0.04 degrees cooler than normal;
Hottest Day: 40.5°C on 3rd Feb ;
Coldest Day: 11.6°C on 25th July;
Coldest Night: 0.9°C on 19th June;
Wettest Day:  72 mm at Mt Duneed on April 23rd;
Wettest Month: April – 182 mm at Mt Duneed;
Driest Months: Jan, Feb & May – 16 mm;
No of Days above 30°C: 24 (Average 24.5);
Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 16;
Number of severe storms: 5;
Strongest Wind Gust: 130kph at Lovely Banks on 16th March.

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