Summary of 2004 Weather

(Temperature figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed)


Month Weather Conditions Temps (deg C) Rainfall (mm) Cumulative Rainfall Comments
JAN Coldest January since 1958. 5 windy days >60kph. 2 thunder days incl 1 severe storm (29th). Only 2 days >30 degrees (19,20th). Av max 22.5 Jan av max. is 25.2. Av min 11.3. Av is 13.6. Mt Duneed 72.2 mm.   Urban area averaged 60 mm.

January normal is 40.1 mm.

Mt Duneed 72.2 mm.

Urban area 60 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (1 month) is 40.1 mm.

Wettest January since 1993. Most rain (eg, 80mm at Highton) on 30th due to wrap-around cloud band. Flash flooding damage. Water catchments missed out (58%).
FEB Cooler than average by 1.5 degrees, despite 6 days over 30 deg.   Hottest day 40.2C on 8th.   One windy day on 20th when >70kph at Mt Duneed. Av max. 24.0 Feb av max. is 25.6. Av min 12.7. Av is 14.1 deg. Mt Duneed 25.6 mm.   Urban area averaged 24 mm.   February normal is 26.4. Mt Duneed 97.8 mm.   Urban area 84 mm. Normal Geelong cumulative total (2 months) is 66.5 mm. Dry conditions all across region.

Very stable, settled month; no thunder days or storms.   >20mm recorded on 11th. Water catchments down to 54%.

MAR Cooler by 1.5 degrees, despite 4 days >30C. Hottest 36.2C on 4th. 3 strong wind days (>60kph at Mt D), incl 76kph on 29th. Av max 22.0

March av max. is 23.5. Av min 11.4.

Av is 12.8.

Mt Duneed 26.4.

Urban area averaged 24 mm.

March normal is 31.8.

Mt Duneed 123.4 mm.

Urban area 108 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (3 months) is 98.3 mm.

Another dry month, generally benign weather. No thunder days. 17+mm recorded on 29-30th when strong cold front crossed region.

Water catchments now below 49%.

APR Cooler than normal by 0.4C. 1 day over 30C. (32.6 on 14th).

4 very windy days ) when gusts > 60kph at Mt D. 1 thunder day on 29th.

Av max 20.1

April av max. is 20.3. Av min 10.0.

Av is 10.2.

Mt Duneed 40.0.

Urban area averaged 50 mm.

April normal is 41.6.

Mt Duneed 163.4 mm.

Urban area 170 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (4 months) is 139.9 mm.

Although only 8 rain days, most (>35mm) was recorded on 23rd-24th. Bellarine Pen well above av. (Clifton Springs 72mm). Water catchments now 44%.
MAY Colder than average by 0.8 deg. Lowest overnight 1 deg on 14th. Warmest day 20.7 deg on 15th. 77 7 strong wind days. 2 hail days (1st & 18th). Av max 16.4

May av max is 17.2.

Av min 7.2.

Av is 8.1.

Mt Duneed 27.2.

Urban area averaged 30 mm

May normal is 48.0.

Mt Duneed 190.6 mm.

Urban area 200 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (5 months) is 187.9 mm.

15 rain days, but below av rain everywhere except Bellarine Pen. Month characterised by weakening fronts.   Water catchments now 42%.
JUNE Slightly warmer by 0.6 deg. Lowest 1.1 on 6th. Highest 21.4 on 8th. 10 very windy days (>60kph). 2 hail days (25th & 30th) 1 th/ l day. Av max 14.5

June av max is 14.3.

Av min 7.0.

Av is 5.9.

Mt Duneed 39.5.

Urban area averaged 40 mm.

June normal is 42.6.

Mt Duneed 230.1 mm.

Urban area 240 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (6 months) is 230.5 mm.

14 rain days; just below av rain, but all surrounding areas above av. Otways well above (Weeaproinah 416mm). Water catchments to 47%. 2 frost days (6th & 12th).
JULY Temps right on average. 6 very windy days >60kph. Light snow flurries at Newtown on 7th. Light hail on 17th. Sun halo seen. Av max 13.5

July av max is 13.9.

Av min 5.5.

Av is 5.1.

Mt Duneed 49.8.

Urban area averaged 48.

July normal is 43.0.

Mt Duneed 279.9 mm.

Urban area 288 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (7 months) is 273.5 mm.

Otways-Geelong-Bell Pen all above average. Northern and NW areas generally below. Water catchments to 58%. Coldest 0.6C on 22nd; highest 17.1C on 3rd.
AUG Warmer than normal by 0.4 deg. 4 very windy days >60 (12th,14th , 20th & 21st); 2 hail days (2nd & 13th) no th’storms. 3 consec days >20 deg. Av max 15.6

Aug av max is 15.1.

Av min 6.0

Av is 5.7.

Mt Duneed 63.0.

Urban area averaged 60.0.

August normal is 46.4.

Mt Duneed 342.9 mm.

Urban area 333.5 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (8 months) is 319.9 mm.

Most areas above average, especially northern and eastern suburbs & Bellarine Pen.. Otways catchment at 71%. Coldest day 14th: 9.4 deg incl strong wind chill.
SEPT Slightly cooler (0.3 C) than normal. Coldest day (11.4 C) on 11th – snow at Beech Forest. Lowest min 2.6C on 20th; highest max 25.7C on 21st. Av max 16.3

Sept av max is 16.7.

Av min 7.0.

Av is 6.8.

Mt Duneed 54.8.

Urban area averaged 56.

September normal is 55.5.

Mt Duneed 397.7 mm.

Urban area 389.5mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (9 months) is 375.4 mm.

Geelong average rf; Bell Pen well above. Otways down but catchments 77%. No severe storms; only 1 strong wind day >65kph on 10th.
OCT Fractionally warmer (+0.1C). 2 days >30C (11th & 12th). Top 32.6C on 12th. Coldest 13.1C on 28th. No severe storms. Av max 19.5

Oct av max is 19.0

Av min 8.2

Av is 8.5.

Mt Duneed 38.0

Urban area averaged 44.0.

October normal is 62.6.

Mt Duneed 435.7 mm.

Urban area 433.5 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (10 months) is 438.0 mm.

Geelong & most areas below av. Catchments 74%. 3 very windy days (7th, 11th, 27th) >60kph gusts. 1 thunder day (11th) and 1 light hail day (15th).
NOV Slightly cooler (0.6C) than average. 2 days >30C. 2 windy days >60kph (12th & 13th). Storm damage and injury on 12th esp on Bellarine Pen. Av max 20.7

Nov av max is 21.2.

Av min 9.5.

Av is 10.2.

Mt Duneed 64.6.

Urban area averaged 78.

November normal is 46.2.

Mt Duneed 500.3mm.

Urban area 511.5mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (11 months) is 484.2 mm.

Most areas from Mt D to north and east above average. Below av in part of Otways and Golden Plains. Catchments 74%. 2 thunder days (11th & 12th).
DEC Severe storms on 10th: with damage & flash flooding, lightning strikes. Slightly cooler (0.7C) than av. 1 hail day (28th) 3 days >30C. Av max 23.0

Dec av max is 24.0.

Av min 11.6.

Av is 12.0.

Mt Duneed 26.2.

Urban area averaged 40mm.

December normal is 47.3.

Mt Duneed 526.2mm

Urban area 551.5mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (12 months) is 531.5 mm.

Above av rain across Geelong.

7 thunder days between 6th &13th. Spectacular th/l on evening of 10th. 6 very windy days >60kph gusts. Water catchments 71%.


OVERALL: New records (extremes) set: Coldest January since 1958;7 thunder days in Dec (6 consec); Slightly cooler year than normal: 0.7 deg C below long-term average;Hottest Day: 8th Feb (40.2 deg); Warmest Night: 15th Feb & 6th Apr (17.4 deg); Coldest Day: 14th Aug (9.4 deg); Coldest Night: 0.6 deg on 22nd July; Wettest Day: 30th Jan 80mm at Highton; Wettest Month: January, 96mm at Highton ; Driest Month: May 15mm at Lara ; No of Days above 30°C: 20; Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 14; Number of severe storms: 2; Strongest Wind Gust: 85kph at Mt Duneed on 14th June; Number of frosts: 8; Number of windy days (gusts >60kph): 52.


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