Summary of 2005 Weather

(Temperature figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed)


Month Weather Conditions Temps (deg C) Rainfall (mm) Cumulative Rainfall Comments
JAN Cooler than normal by 0.55 deg. 6 days >30C; hottest 40.4C on 11th. 5 days of wind gusts >60kph. 4 thunder days. Severe storm on 26th, & hail. Av max 25.3 Jan av max. is 25.2. Av min 12.6. Av is 13.6. Mt Duneed 115.6 mm. Urban area averaged 92 mm.

January normal is 40.1 mm.

Mt Duneed 115.6 mm.

Urban area 92 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (1 month) is 40.1 mm.

Heaviest summer downpour ever (128mm at Sth Geelong on 26th in 6 hrs).   Massive flash flooding and storm damage. Storm mainly urban area. Catchments 65%.
FEB Coldest Feb day on 2nd (13.2C at 2pm) followed 32.4C on 1st. Coldest Feb since pre-1957 (2.4C below mean) 4 days >30C. Highest 35C on 28th. Av max 22.8 Feb av max. is 25.6. Av min 12.1 . Av is 14.1C Mt Duneed 127.0 mm.   Urban area averaged 135mm.   February normal is 36.4. Mt Duneed 242.6 mm.   Urban area 227mm. Normal Geelong cumulative total (2 months) is 76.5 mm. Massive downpour on 1st to 3rd. Wettest 24 hours ever (130mm at Grovedale). Flash flooding, etc. Winds >60kph on 3 days. 2 thunder days, no SS. Catchments 72%.
MAR Cooler than normal by 1.7 deg. 2 days >30C on 1st & 12th. Lowest min 3.6C on 26th.

No severe storms; 1 windy day >60kph on 5th.

Av max 22.1

March av max. is 23.5. Av min 10.8.

Av is 12.8.

Mt Duneed 6.8 mm

Urban area averaged 7 mm.

March normal is 31.8.

Mt Duneed 249.4 mm.

Urban area 234 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (3 months) is 108.3 mm.

Poor rainfall on just 5 days. High pressure ridges produced generally cool, settled, fine weather. Catchments 65.7%.
APR Warmer than normal by 1.6 deg. Warmest April since 1968. Record 5 days > 30 deg. Incl 34.8 on 10th. 5 very windy days incl 93kph on 3rd. Av max 23.3

April av max. is 20.3. Av min 10.4.

Av is 10.2.

Mt Duneed 14.4.

Urban area averaged 14 mm.

April normal is 41.6.

Mt Duneed 263.8 mm.

Urban area 248 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (4 months) is 149.9 mm.

Poor rainfall continues. 1 thunder day; 3 fog/dew days. High pressure ridges and blocking highs caused warm, dry northerly winds. Water catchments 61%.
MAY 0.1 degrees warmer than normal. Max 25.9 on 4th. Min 0.7 on 20th. 1 frost on 20th, 1 fog on 9th. No very windy days. No storms. Av max 18.2

May av max is 17.2.

Av min 7.3.

Av is 8.1.

Mt Duneed 9.8mm.

Urban area averaged 10 mm

May normal is 48.0.

Mt Duneed 273.6 mm.

Urban area 258 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (5 months) is 197.9 mm.

Very poor rain month. Driest autumn on record. (31mm cf 124mm). Preponderance of large blocking highs. Water catchments 55.9%.
JUNE Av min normal, av max 1.7C warmer. Month overall 0.8 degrees warmer than normal. Record daily max 23.4 C on 8th. Min 0.3C on 25th. Av max 16.0

June av max is 14.3.

Av min 5.9.

Av is 5.9.

Mt Duneed 50.8.

Urban area averaged 44 mm.

June normal is 42.6.

Mt Duneed 324.4 mm.

Urban area 302 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (6 months) is 240.5 mm.

Average rainfall month. 15 rain days. Poorer falls away from urban area. Water catchment 54.1%. 2 windy days (13th & 16th) gusts >60kph. 1 thunder day (13th); no storms.
JULY Warmer by 1.2 deg, esp 4th week. Warmest 19.5C on 6th, coldest 10.3 on 12th. 2 frost days (0.0C on 21st). 6 windy days, incl 78kph gust on 16th. Av max 15.1

July av max is 13.9.

Av min 6.3.

Av is 5.1.

Mt Duneed 40.8.

Urban area averaged 45.

July normal is 43.0.

Mt Duneed 365.2 mm.

Urban area 347 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (7 months) is 283.5 mm.

Average rainfall month in Geelong but below av in surrounding districts. 20 rain days. No storms. Otways only 65% of normal rain. Water catchment 52.1%.
AUG Warmer by 0.8 deg. Winter overall warmer by almost 1 deg.   Lowest min minus-0.7; highest max 23.6. 1 frost; 8 windy days. (90kph on 31st). Av max 16.0

Aug av max is 15.1.

Av min 6.4

Av is 5.7.

Mt Duneed 55.4.

Urban area averaged 60.0.

August normal is 46.4.

Mt Duneed 420.6 mm.

Urban area 407 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (8 months) is 329.9 mm.

Average rainfall month in Geelong (20mm on 30-31st) but below av in most surrounding districts, incl catchments (now 55%). 2 thunder days (3rd & 30th); 1 hail day on 31st.
SEPT Warmer by 0.3 degrees. Warmest day 25.9 on 9th; coolest overnight 2.0 on 1st. Coolest day 12.7 on 17th. 1 frost day (1st). 6 very windy days, incl 93kph on 15th. Av max 17.2

Sept av max is 16.7.

Av min 6.9.

Av is 6.8.

Mt Duneed 62.0.

Urban area averaged 63.

September normal is 55.5.

Mt Duneed 482.6 mm.

Urban area 470mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (9 months) is 385.4 mm.

Above average rainfall in Geelong, Bellarine & Otways generally, but below av in Moorabool catchment. Water supplies now at 61%. 3 thunder days incl spectacular lightning on 9th. No severe storms.
OCT Warmer than normal (by 0.3 deg) for 7th consec month. Highest temp 23.3 on 23rd; lowest 2.5 on 15th. 6 windy days (80kph on 26th). Av max 19.5

Oct av max is 19.0

Av min 8.6

Av is 8.5.

Mt Duneed 35.8

Urban area averaged 38.

October normal is 62.6.

Mt Duneed 518.4 mm.

Urban area 508 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (10 months) is 448.0 mm.

Low rain in iimmediate district. Higher Colac to Anglesea.

2 th/l’ning days, 1 funnel photo on 21st. Severe storm at Moriac on 25th, large hail at Inverleigh. Water 53%.

NOV Warmer than normal by 1.1 deg, for 8th consec month. 3 days >30. Highest 33.0 on 2nd. Highest min 20.9 on 3rd. 3 windy days >60kph. Av max 22.9

Nov av max is 21.2.

Av min 10.8.

Av is 10.2.

Mt Duneed 33.8.

Urban area averaged 38.

November normal is 46.2.

Mt Duneed 552.2 mm.

Urban area 546 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (11 months) is 494.2 mm.

Most areas below average for Nov and spring. 2 thunder days, no severe storms.

Water storages 49%.

DEC Warmer than normal by 1.5 deg, for 9th consec month. 10 days >30 deg. 12 windy days >60kph gusts, incl 96kph on 4th. Av max 26.5

Dec av max is 24.0.

Av min 11.0.

Av is 12.0.

Mt Duneed 37.4.

Urban area averaged 33mm.

December normal is 47.3.

Mt Duneed 589.6mm

Urban area 579mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (12 months) is 541.5 mm.

Most areas below average rain. 4 thunder days, some storm damage on 4th & 15th but no severe storms. Water storages 44%.


OVERALL: New records (extremes) set: Coldest February, Coldest February day, Wettest 24 hours, Heaviest summer downpour, Driest autumn; Warmer year than normal: By 2.4 degrees;Hottest Day: 11th Jan 40.4; Warmest Night: 26th Jan 20.5; Coldest Day: 10.3 deg on 12th July; Coldest Night: Minus 0.7 deg on 27th Aug; Wettest Day: 130mm at Grovedale on 3rd Feb; Wettest Month: February – Urban area averaged 135mm; Driest Month: March – 6.8mm at Mt Duneed; No of Days above 30°C: 30; Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 21; Number of severe storms: 2; Strongest Wind Gust: 96kph on 4th Dec; Number of frosts: 5; Number of windy days (gusts> 60kph):57.


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