Summary of 2006 Weather

(Temperature figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed)

Month Weather Conditions Temps (deg C) Rainfall (mm) Cumulative Rainfall Comments
JAN Warmer than av by 0.9 deg. 5 days > 30 deg, incl 43.7 on 22nd and 40.3 on 26th.Hottest night 22.4 on 27th.

Anakie bushfires 25-27th.

Av max 25.1   Jan av max. is 25.2. Av min 14.5. Av is 13.6. Mt Duneed 26.8 mm. Urban area averaged 40 mm.January normal is 40.1 mm. Mt Duneed 26.8 mm.Urban area 40 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (1 month) is 40.1 mm.

1 severe storm on 21st from Corio to Curlewis – FF and large hail. 5 windy days (max 76kph on 22nd). 2 thunder days.Water storages 39% and falling.
FEB Cooler than av for first time since March, 2005. 1.4 deg below long-term av. Hottest day 38.3 (24th). 3 days > 30 deg, warmest night 19.3 (25th) Av max 23.8 Feb av max. is 25.6. Av min 13.1 . Av is 14.1C Mt Duneed 16.0 mm. Urban area averaged 20 mm. February normal is 36.4. Mt Duneed 42.8 mm.   Urban area 60 mm. Normal Geelong cumulative total (2 months) is 76.5 mm. No severe storms; 3 windy days (max 63 kph); 1 thunder day & lightning (26th).Water storages 34%.
MAR Warmer by 0.35 deg.5 Days over 30 deg.

Hottest day 39.4 on 12th

Coldest 19.9 on 14th.

Some minor local fogs.


Av max 24.8March av max. is 23.5. Av min 12.2.

Av is 12.8.

Mt Duneed 7.0 mmUrban area averaged 8 mm.

March normal is 31.8.

Mt Duneed 49.8 mm.Urban area 68 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (3 months) is 108.3 mm.

A very dry, calm, stable month with no heavy rain or severe storms, and only 3 windy days >60 kph. No strong cold fronts.Water storages now below 30%
APR Cooler by 1.4 deg. 5th coolest in last 50 yrs. No days >30 deg. Coldest day 23rd (14.7). Lowest min 2.7 on 17th. No thunder days or severe storms  Av max 18.7April av max. is 20.3. Av min 8.7.

Av is 10.2.

Mt Duneed 29.4.Urban area averaged 27 mm.

April normal is 41.6.

Mt Duneed 79.2 mm.Urban area 95 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (4 months) is 149.9 mm.

Below av rainfall locally, better in Otways. Hail at Corio on 21st. 9 very windy days (max 80kph on 5th)Water storages to 27% and pumping resumed at Barwon Downs.
MAY Cooler by 1.0 degree. Top temp 19.6 on 2nd; coldest 12.4 on 22nd. 2 frost days (30th = 2.0, 31st = 0.6. 2 foggy days (17th & 23rd). 3 very windy. Av max 15.8May av max is 17.2.

Av min 7.5.

Av is 8.1.

Mt Duneed 70.4Urban area averaged 50 mm

May normal is 48.0.

Mt Duneed 149.6 mm.Urban area 145 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (5 months) is 197.9 mm.

Average rainfall but lower in OtwaysWettest day 37.8 mm on 1st at Mt D but urban area only 5-20 mm. Water catchments 26.2%. No storms. Windy days: 3rd, 7th (74kph), & 9th.
JUNE Coldest June since 1973; cooler by 1.25 deg.         Top temp 16.7 on 22nd, coldest 9.8 on 9th. Lowest min -0.5 on 28th.         7 frosts; 2 widespread fogs. Av max 13.6June av max is 14.3.

Av min 4.1.

Av is 5.9.

Mt Duneed 16.0.Urban area averaged 20 mm.

June normal is 42.6.

Mt Duneed 165.6 mm.Urban area 165 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (6 months) is 240.5 mm.

Below av rain everywhere. Driest June since 1984. Water storages 24.8%. No storms. 1 windy day (67kph on 11th). Dominance of high pressure systems. Weak El Nino.
JULY Warmer than average by 0.55 deg.         Coldest day 11.5C on 19th, warmest 17C on 28th. 3 frosts, 3 foggy days. Coldest night -0.8C on 21st. Av max 14.1July av max is 13.9.

Av min 5.9.

Av is 5.1.

Mt Duneed 27.8.Urban area averaged 27.

July normal is 43.0.

Mt Duneed 193.4 mm.Urban area 192 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (7 months) is 283.5 mm.

Below av rain almost everywhere (but Mt Sabine 330mm). Water storages 28.9%). No storms. 5 windy days (72kph on 30th) Highs dominated and fronts weakened.
AUG Warmer than average by 0.2 deg.         Minimums cooler but maximums higher. Coldest day 11.1C on 24th, warmest 22.9C on 31st. 3 frosts, incl -0.8C on 7th.. Av max 16.1Aug av max is 15.1.

Av min 4.9

Av is 5.7.

Mt Duneed 24.2.Urban area averaged 29.0.

August normal is 46.4.

Mt Duneed 217.6 mm.Urban area 221.0 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (8 months) is 329.9 mm.

Well below av rain everywhere. Water storages 29.1%. No storms. 5 windy days (78kph on 17th). Weak El Nino continues, highs dominate and cold fronts slip to SE.
SEPT Warmer than average by 0.65 deg.         Mins lower and maxes higher. 2 frosts, incl 1.8C on 25th. Hottest day 29.6 on 19th (hottest since 1987). Av max 18.2Sept av max is 16.7.

Av min 6.6.

Av is 6.8.

Mt Duneed 32.0.Urban area averaged 32.

September normal is 55.5.

Mt Duneed 249.6 mm.Urban area 253mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (9 months) is 385.4 mm.

Dry spell continues all across region. Water storages 30.1%. El Nino continues. Many clear sunny days with ineffective cold fronts. No storms. 7 windy days incl 113kph at Pt Wilson on 19th (northerly).
OCT Cooler than average by 0.5 deg. Mins lower and maxes higher. 3 frosts, incl 1.2C on 10th. 4 days > 30 deg. Hottest Oct day 37.1 on 12th beat record by 2 deg. Av max 20.7Oct av max is 19.0

Av min 5.8

Av is 8.5.

Mt Duneed 11.2Urban area averaged 9.

October normal is 62.6.

Mt Duneed 260.8 mm.Urban area 262 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (10 months) is 448.0 mm.

El Nino-induced drought continues.         Water storages 27.5%. 1 severe storm with dry microburst at Corio on 17th. No thunder days; 8 very windy days incl 120kph gust at Corio on 17th.
NOV Cooler than average by 0.7 deg. 3 days >30 deg, incl 37.3 on 30th after 4.9 overnight. 3rd coldest Nov day on 15th – with wind, rain,hail (13.0).         Light snow You Yangs & Otways. Av max 21.1Nov av max is 21.2.

Av min 8.9.

Av is 10.2.

Mt Duneed 14.8.Urban area averaged 16.

November normal is 46.2.

Mt Duneed 275.6 mm.Urban area 278 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (11 months) is 494.2 mm.

Severe drought continues. Lowest spring rain (56mm) since1896. 1 severe wind storm on 21st (104kph) causing property damage. Water storages 25.4%. 7 very windy days >60kph. 2 thunder days & 1 hail.
DEC Cooler than average by 1.2 deg. 6 days >30 deg, incl 37.3 on 9th & 10th. Coldest day Xmas day (15.2) incl hail in places. No severe storms. 3rd driest year in Geelong’s history. Av max 23.3Dec av max is 24.0.

Av min 10.3.

Av is 12.0.

Mt Duneed 9.8.Urban area averaged 8m.

December normal is 47.3.

Mt Duneed 285.4 mmUrban area 286 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (12 months) is 541.5 mm.

Drought continues with very dry continental air. Six days of smoky haze from E. Vic bushfires. 1 thunder day (10th). Water supplies down to 22%. 8 very windy days incl 74kph on 22nd.


OVERALL: New records (extremes) set: Hottest October day (37.1); Driest spring since 1896; Lowest rainfall since 1982; Cooler year than normal: Mean 14.1 cf 14.5 degrees; Hottest Day: 22nd Jan 43.7; Warmest Night: 27th Jan 22.4; Coldest Day: 9.8 deg on 9th June; Coldest Night: -0.8 deg on 7th August; Wettest Day: 38mm at Mt Duneed on 1st May; Wettest Month: May – 70mm at Mt Duneed; Driest Month: March – 7 mm at Mt Duneed; December – 3 mm at Hamlyn Heights; No of Days above 30°C: 26; Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 6; Number of severe storms: 2; Strongest Wind Gust: 104kph at Mt Duneed on 21st November; Number of frosts: 20 (av = 15); Number of windy days (gusts >60kph): 70 (last year 57).


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