Summary of 2009 Weather

(Most figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Mount Duneed – called “Geelong AP AWS”, and averages from 1983-2009)


Month Weather Conditions Temps (deg C) Rainfall (mm) Cumulative Rainfall Comments
JAN Warmer by 0.4C. New records: max 45.3 on 29th, min 4.5 on 3rd. 8 days >30, incl 3 >43C – worst heat wave since 1908 (4 > 43C). Power cuts, massive disruption to infrastructure. Av max 26.7 Jan av max. is 24.3. Av min 11.3. Av is 12.9. Mt Duneed 0.4 mm. Urban area averaged 1.0 mm.

January normal is 35.6 mm.

Mt Duneed 0.4 mm.

Urban area 1 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (1 month) is 35.6 mm.

Driest Jan since 1878. Catchments 25.1%. 4 strong wind days >60kph. No storms or thunder days. Slow-moving highs and only a few weak troughs/fronts.
FEB Warmer by 0.5C. New records: max 47.4 on 7th (any month), 3 days >30C. Vic’s worst bushfires on 7th (“Black Saturday”). No big local fires. Av max 25.5 .   Feb av max. is 24.9. Av min 13.9.   Av is 13.5. Mt Duneed 2.2 mm. Urban area averaged 2.0 mm. February normal is 31.1. Mt Duneed 2.6 mm.   Urban area 3 mm. Normal Geelong cumulative total (2 months) is 66.7 mm. Driest Jan-Feb since 1891.   Catchments 22%. 3 strong wind days. No severe storms but 2 thunder days. Smoke drift from fires in east over Geelong on 12 days.
MAR Cooler by 0.25C. 3 days >30C. Max 36.3C. Min 6.1C. 5 windy days >60kph. Max gust 91kph on 3rd. Dusty and hazy on 3rd. Av max 22.9.

March av max. is 23.1. Av min 11.7.

Av is 12.0.

Mt Duneed 35.2 mm

Urban area averaged 30 mm.

March normal is 29.8.

Mt Duneed 37.8 mm.

Urban area 33 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (3 months) is 96.5 mm.

Average to above rainfall. Catchments 20%. No storms or thunder days. 14 rain days.
APR Cooler by 0.3C. 1 day>30C. Lowest max 12.5 on 26th, equal to 1999 record. Lowest min 2.6C. One severe storm on 26th – Portarlington storm surge. Av max 20.0

April av max. is 20.2. Av min 9.0.

Av is 9.4.

Mt Duneed 39.2 mm

Urban area averaged 40 mm.

April normal is 46.4.

Mt Duneed 77.0 mm.

Urban area 73 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (4 months) is 142.9 mm.

Average rainfall generally but little runoff. Catchments 18%. 5 windy days >60 kph, incl 104 kph on 15th & 96 kph on 26th – severe storm with damage. 3 storms with thunder on 3rd, 15th, 26th.
MAY Almost exactly average mean temps. Max temps from 14.0 to 19.6C. Min temps from 3.8 to 15.2C. Several fogs, no frosts, no storms. Av max 16.6

May av max is 17.1.

Av min 8.2.

Av is 7.8.

Mt Duneed 20.2

Urban area averaged 20 mm

May normal is 48.5.

Mt Duneed 97.2 mm.

Urban area 93 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (5 months) is 191.4 mm.

Around half of average cumulative rainfall. Autumn rainfall again below average. Catchments 18%. 3 very windy days >60kph – max gust 87kph at Mt Duneed on 15th.
JUNE Cooler by 0.45 deg. Warmest day 30th (20.3 deg max), coldest day 17th (9.8 deg max). Lowest minimum 0.5 deg on 17th. Fogs and 4 frosts. Av max 14.5

June av max is 14.5.

Av min 5.2.

Av is 6.1.

Mt Duneed 24.0.

Urban area averaged 30 mm.

June normal is 44.4.

Mt Duneed 121.2 mm.

Urban area 123 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (6 months) is 235.8 mm.

Still well below rainfall average; within lowest 3% of 1st 6-monthly rainfalls. Pattern varied from 20 mm in City to 50 mm at Leopold East. No storms; 2 windy days (max gust 91 kph on 30th). Catchments 18.2%.
JULY Warmer by 0.6 degree. 20.5C on 21st, minus 1.4 lowest on 8th. 5 frosts, 2 days <0 deg. Several fogs. No storms, 9 windy days (max 87kph on 1st). Av max 14.4

July av max is 13.9.

Av min 6.1.

Av is 5.4.

Mt Duneed 32.8.

Urban area averaged 45 mm.

July normal is 53.0.

Mt Duneed 154 mm.

Urban area 168 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (7 months) is 289.0 mm.

Urban area rainfall generally above av; from c. 30mm at Lara to >60mm in S & E suburbs. 7-monthly rainfall in lowest 10% of all years. West Barwon > average. Catchments 22%.
AUG Warmer by 1 degree. 21.4 on 15th; 0.5 on 8th. 1 frost; 15 very windy days incl 106kph on 21st when fatality due to flying branch near Queens Park. 128kph at Avalon on 25th. 3 severe wind storm days. Much damage caused to property. Av max 15.8

Aug av max is 15.0.

Av min 6.9

Av is 5.8.

Mt Duneed 48.6.

Urban area averaged 60 mm.

August normal is 48.1.

Mt Duneed 198.6 mm.

Urban area 228 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (8 months) is 337.1 mm.

Above average rain across most of region except northeast (Anakie & Golden Plains). Winter overall was above average. Otways well above average. Catchments 25%.
SEPT Warmer by 0.45C. Top 29.1 on 12th; min 1.5 on 15th. Lowest max 11.6 on 27th. One frost on 15th. 9 very windy days (max gusts 76kph on 4th & 13th. Train derailed at Stoneyford on 12th when winds blew trees onto track. Av max 17.2

Sept av max is 16.5.

Av min 6.8.

Av is 6.6.

Mt Duneed 54.0.

Urban area averaged 62.

September normal is 48.7.

Mt Duneed 252.6mm.

Urban area 290 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (9 months) is 385.8 mm.

Above average rain for 3rd consec month across region. Rain on 16 days. Funnel cloud obs at Lara on 7th. One thunder day; no severe storms. Catchments 34%.
OCT Cooler by 0.7C. Top 29.8C on 20th. Lowest minimum 2.5C on 11th & 24th. High minimum 14.5C on 31st. 5 strong wind days with gusts >60kph (top 80kph at Mt Duneed on 13th). Av max 18.0

Oct av max is 18.7

Av min 6.9.

Av is 7.6.

Mt Duneed 26.2.

Urban area averaged 30.

October normal is 52.9

Mt Duneed 278.8 mm.

Urban area 320 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (10 months) is 438.7 mm.

Below av rain but country very green & lush towards Otways. 12 rain days. Two thunder days with lightning displays 30th-31st. Light hail on 6th. No severe storms. Catchments 37%.
NOV Hottest Nov since 1902: Mean 18.1C. Hotter by 3.1 deg. 5 successive days >30C, total 7. Max 34.9C on 9th. 2 strong wind days. (81kph on 3rd). Av max 25.0

Nov av max is 20.5.

Av min 11.2.

Av is 9.4.

Mt Duneed 90.4.

Urban area averaged 95.

November normal is 51.4.

Mt Duneed 369.2 mm.

Urban area 415 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (11 months) is 490.1 mm.

Well above average rain: Hamlyn Heights 130mm. Catchments 36%. Normal rains since June. 2 thunder days; 2 willy-willies (with local damage); 1 dust storm. No severe storms.
DEC Warmer by 0.9 deg. 5 days >30 deg. Hottest 40.4C on 16th. Warmest overnight 20.0C on 24th.   Lowest max 18.0C on 8th. 4 very windy days, incl 74 kph on 3rd and 31st. Av max 24.6

Dec av max is 22.6.

Av min 10.7.

Av is 10.9.

Mt Duneed 32.6 .

Urban area averaged 30.0.

December normal is 40.9.

Mt Duneed 401.8 mm

Urban area 445 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (12 months) is 531.0 mm.

Generally below av rain, Otways ridge above av. Heavy rain Christmas Eve in nthn subs. No severe storms, 1 thunder day (31st) with minor damage. 1 Total Fire Ban on 16th.

Catchments 36%.


OVERALL: New records (extremes) set: 9 (see bold type above); Tornadoes: nil; Hottest Day: Feb 7th (47.4C); Warmest Night: 21.1C on 31st Jan; Coldest Day: 9.8C on 17th June; Coldest Night: Minus 1.4C on 8th July; Wettest Day: 28.6mm on 22nd Nov; Wettest Month: November (95mm); Driest Month: Jan (0.4mm); No of Days above 30°C: 22 (average 21); Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 11 (9 in 2008); Number of severe storms: 4; Fatalities: 1(21st August); Strongest Wind Gust:106kph at Mt Duneed on 21st Aug; Number of frosts: 11 (av = 15); Number of windy days (gusts >60kph): 66 (55 in 2008).


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