Summary of Geelong Weather 2015

 Summary of Geelong Weather, 2015

(Current figures are from the Bureau of Meteorology station at Breakwater “Geelong Racecourse AWS”, with all temperature and rainfall averages from several

official Geelong BoM sites from most recent 30-year averages, 1984-2013)

Month Weather Conditions Temps (deg C) Rainfall (mm) Cumulative Rainfall Comments
JAN Warmer than 30-yr av by 0.4°. 4 days >30°, top 39.8° on 2nd. 1 strong wind day (76 kph on 3rd). 3 thunder days, funnel cloud at Ocean Grove on 24th. Av max 25.1. Jan av max. is 25.0.  Av min 14.2.  Av is 13.5. Breakwater 51.6 mm. Urban area averaged 60.0  mm.January 30-yr normal is 39.3 mm. Breakwater 51.6 mm.Urban area 60.0 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (1 month) is 39.3mm.

Well above av rain right across region. Most fell around 13th-14th due to tropical low and cold fronts. 2 severe storms at Torquay on 3rd and Ceres on 7th.  Catchments 69%.
FEB Warmer by 1.3°. 7 days >30°, top 36.6° on 7th. 1 strong wind day on 22nd (63 kph). 5 thunder days, no severe storms. Summer was warmer by 0.8°. Av max 25.8.   Feb av max. is 25.1. Av min 15.8.  Av is 14.0. Breakwater 37.8 mm.  Urban area averaged 36.0 mm.  February normal is 35.7 mm. Breakwater 89.4 mm.Urban area 96.0 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (2 months) is 75.0 mm.

Average across Geelong. 8 rain days – heaviest 26 mm on 14th. 3 t/s on 21st, 22nd & 23rd but little rain. Otways and Bellarine Pen relatively lower. High humidity. Catchments 65%.
MAR Cooler by 0.4°. 2 days over 30°, top 34.0° on 19th. 3 strong wind days (top 69 kph on 26th). Coolest March nights since 2005. Av max 23.3.   Mar av max. is 23.3. Av min 11.5.  Av is 12.3. Breakwater 20.8 mm. Urban area averaged 20.0 mm.  March normal is 28.1 mm. Breakwater 110.2 mm.Urban area 116.0 mm.

Normal Geelong   cumulative total (3 months) is 103.1 mm.

Below average rain in Geelong (7 rain days) and near district but well above av in central Otways. Catchments 61%. 1 thunder day, no severe storms.
APR Cooler by 0.6°C. Highest maximum 29.6° on 1st, coolest minimum 4.3° on 13th & 30th. No strong winds >60 kph.  Daily maximums 1.3° below average. Av max 19.1.   Apr av max. is 20.4. Av min 10.0.  Av is 9.9. Breakwater 28.4 mm. Urban area averaged 30.0 mm.  April normal is 39.8 mm. Breakwater 138.6 mm.Urban area 146.0 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (4 months) is 142.9 mm.

Below normal rain across whole district, mostly below 80% of average. 3 thunder days, no severe storms. Water catchments 59%.
MAY Warmer by 0.2°C. Highest max 22.7° on 2nd, coolest min 4.4° on 26th. Warmer nights, cooler days.  Autumn months cooler overall by 0.3°. Av max 16.7.   May av max. is 17.1. Av min 8.9.  Av is 8.1. Breakwater 42.4*  mm.  Urban area averaged  43.0 mm.  May normal is 41.5. Breakwater 181.0 mm.Urban area 189.0 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (5 months) is 184.4 mm.

Above av rain across region except to N & NW. Mt Sabine 343 mm. Catchments stationary at 57%.  No storms or thunder days. 4 strong wind days; top 76 kph Breakwater on 11th.
JUNE Fractionally warmer by 0.1°C. Highest max 17.9° on 8th, lowest min 2.8° on 13th. Warmer nights, cooler days. Av max 14.3 .   June av max. is 14.5. Av min 6.7.  Av is 6.3. Breakwater 32.8 mm.  Urban area averaged  38.0 mm.   June normal is 46.1. Breakwater 213.8 mm.Urban area 227 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total ( 6 months) is 230.5 mm.

Below av rain across region. Catchments still 57%.  No storms or thunder days.  1 strong wind gust (61 kph) at Breakwater on 8th. Aurora australis sighted on 27th.
JULY Cooler by 0.4°C. Highest max 17.2° on 24th, lowest overnight min -1.4°C on 20th. Min and max daily temps below average. Av max 13.3.   July av max. is 13.9 . Av min 5.4.  Av is 5.6. Breakwater 40.4*  mm.  Urban area averaged 44 mm.  July normal is 43.6. Breakwater 254.2 mm.Urban area 271 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (7 months) is 274.1 mm.

Average to above average rain across most of region. Catchments 59%. No severe storms but 2 thunder days. Snow in Otways 0n 26th. 1 strong wind day on 26th. (65 kph at Breakwater).
AUG Slightly colder by 0.15°C. Highest max 18.7° on 2 days, lowest min 0.6°C on 19th. Days colder, nights warmer than av. Winter colder than av. Av max 14.2.   Aug av max. is 15.0. Av min 6.5.  Av is 6.0. Breakwater 12.0* mm (Patched).  Urban area averaged 16 mm.   August normal 46.9. Breakwater 266.2 mm.Urban area 287 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total ( 8 months) is 321.0 mm.

Well below average rain across region. Catchments 62%.   No storms, hail and 72 kph wind gust on 2nd.  Winter rain was only 75% of 30-year normal in Geelong region.
SEPT Slightly warmer by 0.15°C. Highest max 28.3° on 14th. Lowest min 1.9° on 1st. Several fogs, generally stable month. Av max 17.1.   Sept av max. is 16.9. Av min 7.2.  Av is 7.1. Breakwater 32.2 mm. Urban area averaged 30 mm.   September normal is 50.8. Breakwater 298.4 mm.Urban area 317 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total ( 9 months) is 371.8 mm.

Another well below average rain month. Most areas received 50-60% of normal.  Catchments 63%.  No severe storms, 1 strong wind gust.
OCT Hottest Oct ever recorded.6 days >30° = record w/1977. Highest monthly av max = 24.0. Highest 35.5° on 5th. 1st week had 3 days>30. Av max 24.1   Oct av max. is 19.1 . Av min 10.1.  Av is 8.3. Breakwater 17.4* mm.  Urban area averaged 17 mm.   October normal is 53.8. Breakwater 315.8 mm.Urban area 334 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (10 months) is 425.6 mm.

Very low (<30%) Oct rain across whole region. El Nino and IOD responsible.  No severe storms, one thunder day, 3 strong wind gusts.  Catchments 58%.
NOV Warmer by 1.5°. 5 days >30°. Highest max 35.9°. 3 very windy days (83 kph on 25th). 1 hail day but no severe storms. Av max 22.8.   Nov av max. is 21.2. Av min 11.6.  Av is 10.3. Breakwater 26.6* mm.  Urban area averaged 27 mm.   November normal is 52.8. Breakwater 342.2 mm.Urban area 361 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total ( 11 months) is 478.4 mm.

Very low (<50%) Nov rain across region. Two thunder days (5th & 30th) and one hail day (26th) with strong cold front.  Earthquake 2.2 at Anakie on 7th.  Catchments 55%.
DEC Warmer by 2.6°. 8 days over 30°. Hottest Dec on record. Highest max 44.4° on 19th hottest ever recorded in Dec. Fire out-breaks at Elaine (20th) & Wye R (25th). Av max 26.9 .   Dec av max. is 23.2. Av min 13.3.  Av is 11.8. Breakwater 24.6mm. Urban area averaged 25 mm. December normal is 43.6. Breakwater 366.8 mm.Urban area 386 mm.

Normal Geelong cumulative total (12 months) is 522.0 mm.

Another very dry month. One thunder day (19th), 3 strong wind gusts (70kph on 20th), no severe storms.  Wettest on 26th (21.4 at Breakwater).  Catchments 49 %.

* Indicates a patched figure has been assigned by GWS owing to a malfunction of the BoM station or its transmission.


OVERALL: New records and extremes set: 6 (See red bold print above); Year warmer by 0.7° C, Mean daily temp 15.2° (1984-2013 mean 14.5°C); Tornadoes: 1 funnel cloud at Ocean Grove on 24th Jan; Hottest Day: 19th Dec (44.4°); Warmest Night: 24-25th Dec (23.2 °); Coldest Days: 14th & 26th July (10.1°); Coldest Night: 20th July (-1.4°);  Wettest Day: 14th Feb (26 mm);  Wettest Month: January 60 mm; Driest Month: August (16 mm); No of Days above 30°C: 32 (average 21); Number of “Thunder Days” in Urban area: 20 (15 in 2014); Number of severe storms: 2; Weather Fatalities: nil; Strongest Wind Gust: 83 kph on 25th Nov;  Number of frosts: 5 (av = 15); Number of windy days (gusts >60kph): 19 (29 in 2014).    


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